WordPress vs Tumblr – which blogging platform to choose ?

talking to a friend this morning about whether i’ve made the right decision to go with wordpress as opposed to blogging with tumblr, tonight i did a bit of research and here is one of the many articles that i’ve found giving all the pros and cons – http://tinyurl.com/afj9vx

if you don’t fancy reading the whole thing, here’s the bit that won it for me –

“The only Con that is correct with wordpress is the cost of a domain name. If someone is that cheap, then they shouldn’t be giving out opinions.

As for the others:

– Limited plugin support, can not install your own plugins – having a community of over 180 million users is limited support? The plugins are almost always supported directly by their coders along with anyone else who understands them via the wordpress forums.

– Custom CSS / additional storage costs extra – As with any website you run yourself you need storage. Custom CSS is not an extra cost unless you don’t know what you are doing. Again if you buy a template from a company they support most requests.

– Ads shown from time to time – No ADS at all if you choose not to use them. This is a statement that is entirely based on if someone wants to make money or not.

– Can not optimize for SEO – WordPress is out of the box SEO optimized but with the addition of over 50 TOP level plugins you could can choose what you want to use to optimize your site for SEO. All in One SEO is an awesome plugin and as to your point above, is greatly supported by more than just the coder.

I am sorry but you did not do any homework around WordPress.”


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