John Moore Shoes.

i came across these in the attic yesterday whilst looking for other stuff, as you do… bought them a long time ago, worn once, not something i would normally have gone for but they came home with me anyway after leaving behind my entire month’s wages. now looking at them, i appreciate them even more than ever before, to me – they represent: id magazines, the face, doc martens, ripped jeans, safety pins, polka-dots, the cook the wife the thief and her lover, blue velvet, jpg, yamamoto, run dmc, ll cool j, acid house and more. not bad for a pair of boots that did so little walking but managed to encapsulate so much. i no doubt will look in on them again, for now i’m going to put them back where they were found and wait another 20 years.


5 thoughts on “John Moore Shoes.

    • Ha! Me too! But I’m not sure if it’s that appropriate for me to be walking around in them anymore at my age.

      Thanks for commenting.
      P.S. Your post on shoes is quite hilarious, although I do love my Birkenstocks.

  1. love those shoes – I had 2 – 3 pair of john moore shoes in the late 80’s – boot and shoe…so cool they where. what size is it that you have now?

    all the best

    eric esquire

  2. John sent me a pair of gloves in 3 different colours [leather] like garden gloves before his departure r.i.p. – I also went to his shop – HouseOfBeautyAndCulture – the floor where covered in old coins – lovely sound.
    ps. I totally agree about your senses what they represent from the 80’s.

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