Shenstone, Staffordshire.

the hall of frames.

my first ride of the year, first proper ride since i broke my collarbone last june… we headed out towards shenstone, about 12.5 miles from home to a lovely little village in staffordshire. i purposely didn’t bring a camera, because we didn’t want to make too many stops. but, then… i remembered that i had my phone with me and the camera on it has never been tested out. so here we are – we did about 40 miles in the end, and i shot everything here using just the camera on the phone. i blame the shaky ones on the lack of breakfast before the ride because i was late, a very foolish thing to do. all i could think of at one stage was, what’s left in the fridge at home that i can get my hands on as soon as i walk through that front door.

which way now?

the race.

empty bottles… look! there’s a pub, let’s fill them up with beer!

who’s round is it?

delusion sets in as the sugar levels dropped.

the puncture.

let’s all have a go…

anyone got a bucket of water? no? oh look, there’s a dirty puddle of water by the side of the road, why don’t we stick the tube in there?

has it worked? can you see the bubbles? no, the water is too murky.

the ride home… how i wished i had my camera with me, look at those clouds!

home… the prize! a cup of tea and a hot cross bun with cheese.

someone who’s got their eyes on my prize.


6 thoughts on “Shenstone, Staffordshire.

    • just an iphone, i have always had cameras on all my phones but up until now i’ve never used them to shoot anything other than the pets at home.

      thank you! i’m glad you like them.

  1. What can I say! Awesome! Wish we lived near an awesome place like that to go cycling. Sadly, we live in an over populated California. Our house is sprinkled with bikes as well. Nice pictures!

    • birmingham is probably one of the least bike friendly cities in the uk, cycling lanes are rare so we are lucky to have access to such beautiful greenery and open spaces. but, you have all the amazing beaches and the year-round sunshine. 🙂

      thank you for stopping and leaving a comment!

      ps – loving all the little knitted baby boots on your site.

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