A – Z: 27 Days Post (z).

z – zone: a zonal dispute between vietnam and china over ownership of islands in the South China Sea. i just happened upon this vietnamese demonstration in front of the eiffel tower, really love the redness of all the flags against that blue sky.

i was supposed to put together all the pictures from a-z on the 27th day in one post, and of course i have failed miserably because today is the 33rd day and i’ve only managed to finished the challenge. not good!




5 thoughts on “A – Z: 27 Days Post (z).

  1. If this is what you consider failing miserably it’s only proof of your great talent!
    An amazing collection of work for a very challenging challenge!
    VERY, VERY good, I would say, COR! Very well done!

    • hi SIG, a very big thank you again to you for taking time out from your holiday to drop in! i was a bit annoyed with myself for not delivering it in the time quoted, i’m happy now that it’s completed.

  2. The beach and sea shown in your photographs looks really beautiful – you must live somewhere amazing. Lucky you. Your images are brilliant by the way – many thanks for brightening up my evening. Marie from London, England.

  3. hi Marie, i live in England too, the idyllic sceneries you saw are from Tulum, Mexico. i certainly wouldn’t mind living there for a bit.

    i’m really pleased that you like the photos and thank you for your comment!

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