Birmingham Riots.

It’s been pretty grim over here in the last couple of days, you’ve probably read about the rioting that’s been going on in the news, which started in London. This was Birmingham on Tuesday 9th August, I’ve lived and worked here for a long time and never have I ever experienced anything so surreal and scary. My stores are just around the corner from this one, miraculously mine are completely intact, my neighbours were not so fortunate, everyone’s windows and doors have been smashed and the interiors looted, ATM cash machines ripped out of the walls, cars were turned over and set alight, all the businesses in the city are mostly all boarded up. These pictures were taken after the first night, the looting went on for another night. We lost three days of trading, but that’s nothing compared to those who have had everything stolen from them & their premises trashed. Very sadly three people also died protecting their properties.

there were lots of these types of vehicles that morning, police vans and glazier’s vans.

they cleared everything out of this camera store.

ATM machine broken into.

The whole thing has been documented over at Birmingham Riots 2011, the guy did an amazing job throughout the riots, his blog was one of the channels that kept everyone informed as things unfolded, with live tweets and photos which people contributed to from various trouble spots around our city.


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