Weekly Photo Challenge: Up Again

Poppies Fish and Chips – not exactly my local chippy, i dropped in there because it was convenient for an after work meal, and their offering of other alternative fish to cod on the menu is quite extensive. i have nothing against the great cod, just trying to do my bit for their population by eating their many other counterparts instead. i went for the rockfish this time. it was slightly disappointing, the meat just wasn’t firm and meaty enough to work for this dish. then again without knowing exactly which species of rockfish were in the fryer here, i would definitely give it another go if i see it on the menu again elsewhere. the chips and all the other accompaniments were very good though, will have to drop by again next time i needed to fix my hunger. oh, plus… it’s a nice place! 🙂

cheers! bottoms up!


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up Again

  1. ‘clever’ was the first word that came to mind, however others have beat me to it. But it was definitely ingenious to have posted this image upside down – a great interpretation of up.

    If you want to change things up for next time, have you ever tried halibut? On this side of the Atlantic that is always a popular alternative to cod.

    Well, don’t want to overstay my welcome. Guess my time’s upfor this comment. Have a great week.

    • thank you PK! i love Halibut, but never eaten it in batter. i’ve seen it on Poppies’ menu and never anywhere else, probably down to its cost. i will do doubt give it a go next time i’m in there.

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    • Thank you for a great inspirational photo! I’m curious–did you take the picture with the camera upside down, or take it right-side up and flip the photo afterwards?

      • the photo was taken the right way up, i turned it upside down to add a bit of fun. i’m glad you found it useful. hope all goes well with your writing!

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