Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

a close-up examination of the textured metal flooring of the car lift at work. i park here daily and i always knew that this floor would be very useful one day for a picture  of some kind. today’s weekly photo challenge: textured was that perfect opportunity.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  1. as i scrolled down to the comments I noticed that the picture seemed to move. so i have been playing with it for the last 20 minutes – cool effect

  2. Great interpretation of this week’s theme! There used to be a restaurant around here that had its seats made from the same type of metal found in your photo. They weren’t the comfiest seats, but the texture was definitely cool!

  3. cool – and i too have been playing with scrolling and watching how the image ‘moves’. a perfect opportunity for sure – thanks for sharing.
    thank you also for stopping by my post and “liking” it. much appreciated!

  4. Great image! This is something that most people would just glance at absentmindedly on their way to work in the morning and not see the great detail and pattern in it 🙂
    (btw I see now where I can get your new posts, sorry for the stupid question before)

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