Time To Clear Out My Memory Card: Part I

Time to clear out my memory card, part 1 of many. I have over 1103 images on that little thing at the moment, should get a few posts out of them with a bit of luck and a lot of spare time. First up – Paris in the Summer, it was the first time that I had a DSLR with me in June, my intention was to shoot some photos of the hustlers at work doing their Three Card Monte trick by the Eiffel Tower, that idea didn’t work out too well with the hustlers, I was swiftly shouted at a couple of times and persuaded to move on by their ‘security’. May be they were jut shy! So I picked on the inanimate object near by instead: The Eiffel Tower.

These pigeons clearly understand the game of football very well and are most definitely in favour of the versatility of the 3-5-2 system.


10 thoughts on “Time To Clear Out My Memory Card: Part I

  1. Oh, I love that first image (maybe a longer lens would get you through security? 🙂 ). And then the first pigeon photo. Fantastic shots! And your last comment about football. Priceless. 🙂 Great post!

  2. Oh wow… I love these images! Great photos.
    Its mad to think that the Eiffel Tower was build as a temporary structure!
    It puts our modern building methods to shame.

    BTW, Why are groups of pigeons walking around just so ‘funny’ compared with other groups birds like say seagulls?! Hhehehe…

    • Yeah, you’re right! I often find myself having to squeeze my way pass these city dwelling species, hanging out in marauding groups. I reckon most of the times, they just think we are in their way obstructing their daily business.

  3. Wow…just stunning, impressive, even romantic. The black and white effect gave it a rich texture and sense of mystery. Beautiful images to start a brand new year. Have a blessed 2012!

  4. Excellent set of B&W’s – I see the Parisien Winged-Rats are the same as the London ones. You even caught a Woody on the ground 🙂

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