Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I regret that I didn’t get here earlier, before this man finished feeding the flock of birds, got back into his vehicle and left. Of course none of the feathered animals were interested in me and the camera after that.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

We finally have snow! It came down heavily last night and we woke up to this, the lake has frozen over in the park once more. I couldn’t wait to get there today with my camera to see if I can add anything useful to my photo library. This is one of the many shots from this morning, I was attracted by the bright orange of the life float against its white surroundings. It’s probably a good thing that I have never seen one of these things in action, but you know it’s always there ready for deployment in case of an emergency.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

There’s a little thing in my head that keeps telling me a rainbow might just be a bit predictable to use for this week’s theme: Hope, but as the weekend is about to end I have yet had any inspiring thoughts for an appropriate photo to fit the challenge, even though the entire Saturday was spent prowling the East end of London with a camera attached to my face. Not sure why, one solo idea that won’t leave me alone was Bob Hope, which is quite funny but in reality it equates to No Hope. I give up! So, here is a photo I took one afternoon on the bus held up in traffic along Farringdon Road, over looking Farringdon tube station in London. My first picture of a rainbow, in fact this is the only one I’ve got. Let’s hope that I will have a chance to capture a few more soon.

Have a good week!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

I shot these with my phone this morning to help pass some time and break up the monotony of air travel. The first picture is of Birmingham airport and the last one is Charles De Gaulle – Paris, both of the airports were quite busy but I got lucky and managed to snap some without most of the other passengers. I think they sit quite well with this week’s challenge: Simple.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

After just over twelve months of joining WordPress, I have finally hit 100! Before anyone start typing “Happy Birthday”, I must stress that it’s my post count that I was talking about and not that I have become a centenarian overnight. As this being the 100th post, I want to offer up something that’s slightly different to my weekly submissions.

About four weeks ago I downloaded Instagram onto my iphone, I was fascinated by these 1×1 pictures that I have seen on the web. The thing that really drew me to this app was the pictures from other instagramers, there were lots of amazing photos on show, I was completely perplexed at how such detailed photos were taken with a tiny camera on a phone.

After a couple of days of using this app, it dawned on me quite rapidly that most of those images have probably been taken first with a DSLR and then imported into Instagram. The bubble has burst! But it didn’t matter, I was completely hooked. There are still loads of really talented people out there showing some really good work and having fun.

Here are my Instagram photos on ink361.com, a place where you can browse, comment, follow, like and manage all your pictures from the app, there are some spectacular ones worth checking out in Popular and if you fancy joining in go to your App Store and sign up for free.

Above are a selection of photos I took while walking the dog yesterday, a perfectly peaceful day out while everyone was at work, the advantage of having a day off in the week.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Time To Clear Out My Memory Card: Part I

Time to clear out my memory card, part 1 of many. I have over 1103 images on that little thing at the moment, should get a few posts out of them with a bit of luck and a lot of spare time. First up – Paris in the Summer, it was the first time that I had a DSLR with me in June, my intention was to shoot some photos of the hustlers at work doing their Three Card Monte trick by the Eiffel Tower, that idea didn’t work out too well with the hustlers, I was swiftly shouted at a couple of times and persuaded to move on by their ‘security’. May be they were jut shy! So I picked on the inanimate object near by instead: The Eiffel Tower.

These pigeons clearly understand the game of football very well and are most definitely in favour of the versatility of the 3-5-2 system.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Last year during the summer, the armed forces launched a recruitment drive in Birmingham aimed at tempting more school leavers with a career in the army. This is one of the many ‘toys’ that were on displayed to impress the kids, there were also lots of other tools, machinery and general military hardware to engage the attention of their targets with.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter.

Winter here at the moment is pretty unseasonably and boringly warm, not much to report apart from a bit of rain. Last year however was a lot of fun, even though it wasn’t too good for trades, because everyone got snowed in. This picture was taken exactly twelve months ago when there was plenty of snow and it was proper wintry. It was also my first time using a DSLR camera, I didn’t have a clue with what I was doing, you can see the image is out of focus, but I quite like the composition. Since then I’ve amassed a pile of photography books, trawled through many blogs, YouTube videos, websites and forums to teach myself some elementary stuff. Moving forward, my new year’s resolution is to learn how to take a reasonably good picture, therefore your feedback and suggestions of how to improve my techniques are greatly welcomed.

Happy New Year!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

It’s Christmas Eve, at last! Tomorrow is my first day off in two weeks, it has been so busy at work, all I’m looking forward to now is to have some proper sleep. I haven’t even had time to think about this week’s photo challenge, until I saw this sign about ‘designated parking spaces’ through some shutters of a loading bay. I stopped and took a couple of shots and here’s the result: Between Spaces.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

Somehow I’ve been anticipating this challenge for a while now, and I’ve prepared one including silly glasses. I have actually been trying to do some more but without much success, need to get a remote for the camera.